Live Intentionally, Not Habitually

- Naudi Aguilar

Pattern overload leading to scar tissue, crystallization, & displaced calcium are the major physical blockages restricting the flow of blood & lymphatic circulation throughout the entire body, deteriorating joints, and compromising good pain-free posture & movement. How would you like to correct the neuro-muscular patterns in your body, restore the scar tissue back to healthy connective tissue, melt away the crystallization, and return the calcium back to the bones where it belongs. Reclaim your health today with Functional Patterns Training, Ancestral Lifestyle Habits, and Nonsurgical Deep Tissue Therapy.

"The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it."

- Hippocrates

Hippocrates once said, "The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it. "This is what New Vision Health is all about; the advancements in technology, medicine, and many healing modalities will always be there to assist you if you need them, but we want to offer you a program that truly wants you to break free of the revolving door of the healthcare system by helping you to master your health and function once and for all on your terms and offering you real skills and real knowledge to help you kick chronic pain to the curve, maximize your athletic potential at any age, and regain your independence in health.

The Membership:

Your ONE STOP SHOP for all your health, wellness, and training needs.

  • Address patterns in your structure causing pain

  • Learn how to optimize performance

  • An ever growing exercise library

  • Weekly group & 1:1 training, Q&As, and more

  • Connect with our VIP community

  • 18+ health guides with easy to follow protocols

  • 4 week nutrition program

  • 100+ recipes

  • Hormonal balance protocols

  • Detoxification strategies

  • And much more

Sick and tired of the same old rut? Train, injury, rehab, train, injury, rehab, train, injury … you get the picture.

New Vision Health Can Help. A training regimen that does not cater to biologically appropriate movement patterns centered around the action of sprinting and throwing will inevitably lead to a vicious cycle of injury . Never-mind training, maybe you don’t train, or maybe you cannot train because chronic pain has kept you away from the activities that you love. If this is the case recognize that gravity, excessive sitting, and over-use hinging and lifting patterns common to most rigorous jobs engrain the same postural asymmetries and joint compressions as that of conventional training protocols. We evolved muscles for very specific reasons over millions of years of evolution . These muscle groups ensured our survival and evolved for that specific reason. Despite the many advancements of modern society, we still require the daily practice of the gait cycle (stand, walk, run, throw) even if our daily survival is not in question anymore. Training gait mechanics is one of the most neglected, and yet one of, if not, the most important skills to train as a human being . Whether your goal is to eradicate chronic pain, improve posture, eliminate nagging injuries, reclaim independence, or enhance athletic performance, you need to be training your gait cycle.


At New Vision Health , we help you finally master pain, improve athletic performance, and become empowered with the knowledge to make health less complicated. Gait is for everyone, no matter what age, there are many benefits to be discovered. At New Vision Health we specialize in nutrition coaching, circadian health, and posture & joint regeneration leading to chronic pain . We want to help get you closer to pain-free living so that you can enjoy this adventure we call life. We learn to look at the disease & aging process in a new way where you have far more power than one realizes to restore your body. There is always something that can be done to improve our circumstances. We do not have to be limited to our diagnoses unless we choose to be. Let New Vision Health help you to unveil Functional Pain-Free Aging.


Functional Patterns Training:

Posture is the single most important piece...

to reclaiming your best health, which almost no one is prioritizing. Functional Patterns Training offers you the most comprehensive set of skills to fully regenerate your body. Within a year of enrolling in our membership, you are equipped with the independence to break free of the revolving door of constant treatment to treatment, practitioner to practitioner, specialist to specialist, surgeon to surgeon, and pharmacist to pharmacist care just to function daily. You become your very own practitioner with the freedom and ability to live life pain-free, while being able to solve problems related to your health and the health of those around you. Functional Patterns Training addresses the integrated network of fascia throughout the entire body as opposed to focusing on isolated joint outcomes. Other approaches can symptom-relieve joint pain and related issues at best, and at worst, refer out for surgery. Functional Patterns Training can prevent much of the harsh realities of joint degeneration, and is for anyone, of any ability, and of any age.

Lifestyle Coaching:

We assist you the entire way through…

Our membership program is not only for physical training but also, just as importantly, about training you in matters of lifestyle. Gone are the days of piecing together parts of different programs and protocols to cover your health-related goals. We make sure you have access to everything that you may need to achieve your best health. Within our membership portal, we provide you with information to master training for optimal joint health, nutrition, recipes & meal plans, hormonal balance, detoxification strategies, and much more. Our membership truly is a one-stop shop for all things health & wellness. This way you can save time piecing together different approaches and protocols and simply focus on getting straight to work on your personal health goals. The entire way through your health journey you have access to live training sessions, your own coach, Q&A meetings, and a private members-only group for support & accountability during your journey. Health is not meant to be complicated. We believe in instilling our members with the skills and knowledge necessary so that they can reclaim their body back with the confidence to understand the way their body is communicating with them about their health.

Nonsurgical Deep Tissue Therapy:

No other treatment goes deeper...

when it comes to chronic tissue and organ problems or delivers such long-lasting results when it comes to eliminating pain and tissue restoration. There comes a time in everyone’s life when their skin begins to look older and their muscles begin to lose tone – a time when they search for a way to subtract or slow down the years that nature has added. Over time, scar tissue and crystallization build up within the muscles, decreasing circulation resulting in lack of muscle tone and premature aging. This technique will open up and release fibroids, internal scar tissue, calcification, crystallization and body pain related to muscles, nerves, and joints. We also give in-depth training on the removal of scar tissue from C-sections, gall bladder, appendix or any other surgery that has created scar tissue adhesions and blockages. We penetrate the deeper tissue and muscle layers of the face, abdomen, breast, pelvis, and spine to eliminate pain and scar tissue, thus restoring natural tone, youth and function.

“A smart person learns from his mistakes, but a truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”

- Ken Schrammn

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